“They’re being Geologists…”

Sitting at JJ’s Cantina in Rocky Point, Kelly was watching some of our friends gesture at an aerial photograph on the wall.  From across the bar we could not make out what they were talking about so I asked Kelly, “What are they up to?”  Kelly, ever curious began watching them and finally concluded,

“I think they are trying to figure out where we are on the map in relationship to where the house is.  They think they’re being Geologists…”

Immediately realizing Kelly meant to say “Geographers”, I just looked at her and waited…slowly counting to 10.  Somewhere around 15 or 16 seconds she looked at me with a defeated look and said, “That’s not right is it?”  No, it’s not….but from now on it will be.

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    I was one of the people looking at the map when Kelly yells out, “Brian, I have another one for you!” Not sure what she was talking about I continued looking at the map for a few more minutes and came back to the table to ask what she was referring to. After hearing the story above and laughing, I realized this yell across the bar was Kelly acknowledging that she had just added another item to our Shit Kelly Says list. Sweet!