“you can poke the flower with your tail.”

While examining the amazing woodwork of one of the many Mexican vendors that stopped by our rented beach house, the vendor pulled out a special piece that was made into 3 parts. Part 1 consisted of a piece of highly polished wood that had been carved to resemble a blooming flower. Part 2 and 3 were both hummingbirds that were carved out of the same style of wood as part 1.  At this point the vender decided to really impress us with his work by showing us that each part combines together to form 1 piece of art.  Both hummingbirds attached to the flower by using their long sharp beaks to simulate each of them drinking nectar from the flower.  At this point, as amazing as the vendors work was, none of us had much interest in buying this item. This was until Kelly brought up the selling point of “you can poke the flower with your tail”. Confused, we looked around and realized that Kelly had mistaken the beaks as tails while the vendor was putting the item together.  Simple mistake? Yes. Did we laugh? Yes.

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  1. David C.’s avatar

    So this came up before the restaurant?? Awesome…I just remember her going around the table naming what animal we all would be and said you should be a hummingbird because “you like to poke the flower with your tail.”