“…umm, do you guys have any band-aids?”

Kelly with Dave's wool hat.

I know, sounds innocent enough, right?  This is a great example of Kelly’s occasional attention deficit problem.  Several of us had gone to Flagstaff (Flagstagg for those who know) for the day.  We had just relocated to a new bar and Kelly was complaining about a couple of her fingers bleeding because she’d been biting her nails.  I told her I’d ask if they had any band-aids, otherwise I had some in my car.

Kelly seems to have drifted away from us at this point.  The waitress came by and took drink orders and chatted a bit.  All the while Kelly is no more than a foot away from me and facing the right direction to “appear” to be paying attention.  I asked the waitress if they had a first aid kit of some kind because my friend (indicating at Kelly) needed a couple of band-aids.  She said yes and verified that we needed two.  She then asked if we needed anything else.  Kelly suddenly chimed in with,

“ummm, I know this is kind of a weird request but…do you guys happen to have any band-aids?”

The poor waitress just stared at Kelly and then looked at me with a confused expression on her face, slowly reconfirmed we needed two band-aids and walked away with a worried look on her face.  Kelly was oblivious of the entire conversation up to the point she began to speak.  I don’t know where she was but it wasn’t where she was sitting.

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