He looks like Baby Louie

I’m a smaller guy and tend to wear my clothing with a more fitted style so occasionally my t-shirts, after a bit, can naturally shrink up. Kelly and I, like brothers and sisters, have a tendency to make fun of each other at any given opportunity. During a recent spring training game I was wearing a t-shirt that Kelly thought was good ammo towards some friendly ball busting. So while I was watching the game from the balcony of where our tickets were located, Kelly decided to get others from our group to laugh at me by convincing them that I looked like “Baby Louie”. I never heard the comment but soon returned to the group which had all turned to look at me while laughing in a synchronized fashion. Suddenly feeling a bit paranoid, I asked what was up. The response was “Kelly’s said you look like Baby Louie”. I laughed and gave an immediate response of “Don’t you mean Baby Huey”?

The others in the group laughed and essentially said that they had told her this fact as well.  But just like most of the sayings that come from Kelly, in a complete confident manner, we adopted this new term to become legitimate and will be used going forward.

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    Well, Brian…you did deserve to be made fun of for wearing a children’s medium to the ballpark. I mean, really…when you donated your old clothes I’m sure they all thought you had a 10 year old son who had just grown out the stuff you were donating….hehe